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    Suntre3, one of the Thai Puan families who emigrated from Laos to Thailand in 1836. We have inherited the art of hand-woven cotton from there and settled down at Baan Had Siew, Si-satchanalai, Sukhothai Province, Northern Thailand. Our great grandparents were farmers. During spare time, men worked on farming equipment while women weaved to make clothes. Every girl in the family learned weaving at a very young age, holding our family’s unique way of hand-weaving from generation to generation. The most extraordinary style of weaving, called “ Teen Jock” takes great time and expertise to make and is used only during special occasions. My mother, Suntree Vichitnak, was honoured as a teacher. She started the Thai Puan Weaving Center at Bann Had Siew to pass on and continue the art of hand-weaving to future generations.Our great grandparents were farmers. During spare time, men work on farming equipment while women weave to make clothes. Every girl in the family was taught to weave starting at a young age, until they’re skillful enough to weave on their own. Our family’s unique way of hand weaving has been passed down from generation to generation.
  • A Bridge between the Thai Puan Heritage and Contemporary StyleThe Present

    Carrying on with the tradition and the ancient style under the brand “ Suntree ”, my mother gathered 40 weavers in our village to support the increasing demand in production. We established the brand SUNTRE3 to develop a contemporary style that could meet the demands of the global market. Using the ancient designs as inspiration for new patterns for products such as clothes, accessories, household furniture and decor. Our team of highly trained artisans and designers from Thailand and abroad are committed to innovation, always experimenting on new types of fibres, combining different materials and coming up with new weaving techniques. Suntre3 is proud to pass on the tradition to future generations and develop high-quality products and a unique style in northern Thailand. Feel the energy, warmth, and the story of our culture weaved into every fibre of our products.
  • Towards sustainable and world-class The Future

    Our vision is to create a creative environment for the people in our community to thrive and sustain the richness of our culture through new stories. These stories are written every day with our commitment to sustainable practices and social development. We aim to be a creative hub in the region excelling in the creation of high-quality handmade goods. We are writing the story of the evolution of crafts.


The research and development are held by an international group of designers and creatives,
we are exploring the best of crafts and design world.

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