Around 188 years ago the Thai Puan tribe moved from Laos to settle in Srisatchanalai, around the hills with the shape of a knife.

With them, they brought their culture and heritage, the Thai Puan language, their mastery of knifemaking, their weaving techniques, especially the "TeenChok" that is different from any other in Thailand, their food and their values as a community, which we see represented in their fabric patterns: motifs that speak about friendship, sharing, love and trust.


Mrs Suntree established the weaving centre to teach and create awareness around the handwoven fabrics, her work, mastery of the craft and impact in the community is remarkable, leading her to be one of the living treasures of Thailand.

Her youngest daughter Mrs Raveewan decides to come back to her hometown to understand and expand the possibilities of the handwoven fabrics that her mom so deeply cares about. Her direction has to lead Suntree to be one of the most important brands in Thailand for handmade fabrics, clothing and accessories, exploring the tension between the past and the present with the visionary collection, handmade by a community of over 50 weavers.


We understand the next generation of artisans as creative thinkers constantly wondering how to make their practices more sustainable and socially inclusive.

Practitioners that communicate to a broader audience made of collaborations with different creative fields, involving kids to seniors from all around the world. Suntree already starts to take steps towards that vision collaborating regularly with Government institutions, research projects, universities and international designers, with whom we developed our first home collection. Monica Marconi and Mattia Bonavolonta are also Suntree's co-founders of the
Thai Puan Creative Hub, in which we will follow our vision of the evolution of crafts.