Home Collection

This collection borns in collaboration with Italian-Colombian designers Monica Marconi and Mattia Bonavolontà within a project of research of Thai Crafts of TAT.
This home collection was co-created with the artisans and explores the use of both traditional and contemporary fabrics for houseware products and furniture. The possibilities of the handwoven cotton and its technical specs. The collection has been featured in several exhibitions around the world, including Chicago, Osaka, Milan.


Loom Armchair

The concept of this armchair is to recall the movement of the threads in a loom, show how the thread transforms into the fabric and actually becomes the sitting element. The fabric is handmade with the traditional "Ken" style from Thai Puan tribe. The structure is made in teak wood.


Si La Leng Shelf

Floating shelf held by fabric. Inspired by stones used for construction during ancient times and found in historical parks throughout Thailand. The fabric displays the transition from threads of cotton to woven cotton.


Nine Lamps

Ancient patterns of the Thai Puan tribe are proudly on display in this set of lamps that represent knowledge passed down through the generations to present day. Each piece is brought to life by our expert weavers producing mesmerizing patterns using vibrant traditional colors.


Threads Lamp

Suspension lamp that highlights our handwoven process showcasing the combination of individual cotton threads and transforming them into wonderful layers of natural dye fabric. The no-weaved threads create a natural filter that shields the light bulb.